What Makes Us Unique

Simply don’t want to experience the long wait times at your local laboratory, or have special circumstances? We can accommodate you. Being home bound can be extremely challenging for you and your caregiver. Necessary testing your provider needs to treat you, can also cause undue hardship and create challenging circumstance’s. Here at Specialty Stix, we’re here to ease that unnecessary concern and frustrations. Help your provider help you.



STAT orders
Standing orders
Drug levels
Routine testing
Specialty testing


Health Screening
Timed Antibiotic Testing
DOT drug testing
Non- DOT Drug testing
Pre-employment screening


Cancer screening
Urine tests
DNA testing
Specialty kit draws
Capillary collection
Specimen pick up

“We care for you”

Mobile Services (if available in your area)

Having your laboratory services performed in the comfort of your home with the most caring and compassionate phlebotomist you've ever met, is priceless. We're just a phone call away.

Mobile Services

Working Relationships

Specialty Stix works closely with many physicians, home health care agencies, care homes, hospice, long-term care facilities, nurses, FNP's, employers, private pay, and many more.

Excellent Patient Care

Serving Northern California: Yuba-Sutter, Colusa, Nevada, Placer, Butte, Yolo, Sacramento, Glenn, Monterey, Santa Cruz, East Bay, San Jose, Marin County, Northern Marine County, and many more.

After hour appointments available




Difficult draws
Special circumstances


Needle Phobia



Customer Satisfaction

Sincerely -Shellie Cummings


“Since my first encounter with Heather I have been nothing but pleased with her technique. Getting your blood drawn is usually very intimidating, but I feel at ease now getting my blood work done by Heather. Her experience and skills are very evident! I have had problems in the past with very painful blood draws and even ended up in the hospital due to poor phlebotomy technique. Heather has alleviated all of my fears and anxiety and has successfully drawn my blood with one poke every time. I would definitely recommend Heather at Specialty Stixs. From now on she is the only one who will be drawing my blood. To top it all off, She is extremely kind, gentle, caring and compassionate!”

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